Thursday, August 29, 2013

Time to Say Good bye

I've been writing this blog for several years now. I've covered everything from Climate Change to Love and Loss. I have run out of things to blog about. Or at least run out of things I care to blog about. It is time to close the shop, lock the doors, and turn out the lights. Until something in me changes I will no longer be updating this blog. Even if something does change in me and I feel the need to write again, I will start a new blog with a new title and most likely a new focus.

I will not delete this blog as I think it has some interesting stuff that someone, some when may find useful. I am shutting down comments though. Most of the comments I have received over the years were nothing but spam anyways. It has been a good run and I hope I touched a few people, made some one think beyond their own realm of influence, and maybe even taught someone something new.

Goodnight and Good bye.

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