Friday, June 28, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

This has been, for the record, one of the worst months yet. We have had a tree fall on a neighbours fence, nearly taking out their daughters trampoline in the process. We have had temperatures that swing as much as 20 degrees in a matter of hours. There has been so much rain that we had a swamp in the back yard for days, and the mosquito population exploded out of control of course. And most recently, one of our ferrets had to be take in for an emergency vet visit and surgery.

Grendl, the most recent addition to the gang was not paying attention to where he was and fell down the stairs. He was stunned for several hours so we rushed him to the vet to make sure he was not injured. Turned out he was fine except he snapped a canine tooth far enough up to expose the pulp, the blood and nerve centre of the tooth.

Of course we couldn't take the chance that the tooth would become infected and start hurting. If you have ever had a tooth ache you know it is one of the worst pains in the world. We were not going to let our little boy suffer so we booked an appointment to have the tooth removed. Unfortunately, it was not until the following week. Yesterday as a matter of fact.

Like most ferrets, he came out of it like a trooper with bounds and smiles all around. He also charmed the entire vets staff with his happy smile and silly antics. We included a toy in his carrier so he would not be bored and would have some smell of home with him. Apparently, he would pick it up and throw it out of the cage just to have someone come over to pick it up and of course visit with him.

We picked him up early yesterday afternoon and brought him home. He was so happy to see home again. He immediately crawled into the ferret pile and tried to get one of his adopted brothers to play, but that didn't last very long. The long day won out and he fell deeply asleep, along with the rest of the gang.

This morning, when I opened their cage for the daily game of tag, chase, and hording Grendl came out all bounds and giggles. Don't let anyone tell you ferrets can't laugh because this little boy can. It comes out as repeating rapid, nasal, short hisses when he is playing with is brothers or me. For all the world sounding like a little laugh.

The only worry Grendl seems to have is without both his upper fangs it is very difficult to grab another ferret or even a cat and drag them around the house. He was having some trouble with his kiddle but once he figured out how to shift it to the other side of his mouth he eats with gusto and no discomfort. Ferrets are amazingly tough little creatures.

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