Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Spring is here but the ground is still quite cold and snow stills covers the shadier parts of the yard. The seeds are still in their packages waiting for a warm sunny day when they can be put into the ground. I am content to wait.

My neighbour, who always has a perfect yard, is not as content to wait as I am. I saw him out in his yard both yesterday and today trying to get a jump start on the spring cleanup. He was putting fresh earth in his flower beds and trying very hard to erase the signs of winter as quickly as possible.

I love watching him in his yard. He always seems like he is in deep meditation when he is working in the garden. He truly loves the plants, the grass, and even the birds and bees. His wife, not so much. She loves the way the yard looks but she doesn't appreciate the birds and bees as much as he does.

I always look forward to seeing the yard, mine and the neighbours, in bloom. It is no competition. My yard looks as natural as I can make it except for the vegetable garden. His, reminds me of the beautifully maintained gardens you see on English Estates. Each has its place and makes the people living in them happy.

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