Sunday, March 17, 2013

Expanding my Horizons

When I formed this blog it was meant to be a way to share information on small scale gardening, canning, cooking, and the joys of a semi-rural home. As I went along I shared a few things outside of that narrow view of me and my life, but it didn't seem appropriate somehow.

PeterC and I were talking last night about where I should go with the blog. He suggested that I have been limiting myself unnecessarily. He thinks I should be sharing my adventures in all aspects of my life since they impact my life here at home.

Thinking about it more today I have to admit that he is correct. I started researching ways to live comfortably with limited, or no, advanced technology because of the doomsday myths surrounding Dec 12, 2012. Joining the SCA, and gaining access to said knowledge was one of the ways I chose to prepare myself.

When Doomsday failed to materialize, which for some reason I take rather personally, I thought the interest in low tech living would disappear. It hasn't. I find myself as interested as ever. Instead of looking at this as a way to survive the future, I now must admit that I am just as interested in learning about society, cultures, and livelihoods in the Bronze Age and Early Post Roman eras England.

Perhaps it is simply because the SCA is my current hobby of interest. Perhaps it is a matter of not know what else to do. Or perhaps, just perhaps, I've always been interested in in ancient technologies and the SCA has finally given me a true direction of study, along with a handful of people who are willing to share what information they have learned along the way.

Regardless of the reasons for my current interests, the fact is the things I learn do play a part in what I grow, what I eat, what I make, and in general what I do here on this little slice of land. For most posts this probably will not make a difference. But there will be some posts that go into more detail and take on the air of a research paper, along with references and examples if they exist.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the journey with me.

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