Thursday, February 07, 2013


As most you have already figured out, PeterC and I are suckers for a sob story. More so when that sob story revolves around an animal. Sometimes our better judgment saves us from ourselves, but not very often. I am especially vulnerable to cats and ferrets, while PeterC is especially vulnerable to dogs.

Enter stage left- A friend of a friend has a 10 month old puppy that she can no longer care for. PeterC has been looking for another large breed dog and he has never had a puppy so of course we go have a look see. What we find is a sweet shepherd cross girl in a home with a bullying miniature collie and with an owner who can not walk her or even be at home for her on a regular basis.

In an attempt to let our better judgment kick in we take her for a really long walk around the neighbourhood. Instead of making the decision to wait for another chance, PeterC sees great potential and a lovely pup in need of a good home.

Centre Stage Spotlight - Enter Pandora. 

Pandora is supposedly a Slick Fur King Shepherd. Personally I think that means shepherd crossed with something, or many somethings, but we can only take the work of the previous owner. Unfortunately, she is not housebroken and does not understand that she should use the potty outside or on walks. She is trained to go to the potty papers, and is actually quite good about using them.

Pandora was also not fixed. In fact she was in heat when we picked her up. Luckily for us, she was not bred, though I think the previous owner had though to breed her at some point. She is not a barker, but whimpers and whines when she wants attention. She and Dunny get along great, though she doesn't like Muffet at all. She has also claimed PeterC as her own.

When PeterC gets up to go the bathroom, Pandora is right there by his side. When we go to bed at night she curls up outside the bedroom door. She is attached to his hip in a way that I have never seen in any animal before. He doesn't seem to mind the attention, though she is just a little big to be a lap dog. Don't tell her that though, she would be heartbroken.