Saturday, November 24, 2012

First Snow and A Correction to the Salsa Recipe

We are getting our first snow today. The air has been warm, so the ground has been warming up again, meaning the snow will not stick but it has been coming down in waves of heavy and light since morning. November has been very dry this year, this snow being the first precipitation we have gotten all month. I hope December's weather is more normal though I expect it to be quite wet as the temperatures have been getting above 0ยบ C every day so far.

I also wanted to add a correction to the salsa recipe I posted last. The 1/2 cp of garlic powder should be 1/2 cp of minced garlic OR 2 Tablespoons of garlic powder. The salsa tasted great freshly made but after sitting in the jars for a month the garlic taste over powers everything else in the jar. It will still make a good topping for chicken since the garlic will diffuse into the chicken as it cooks. You just may find it to strong as a chip salsa.