Saturday, October 06, 2012


Fall is here, and with it the chores. The garden hasn't produced for a few weeks now so it is time to pull all the plats and get the beds ready for next spring. Wood needs to be stacked and covered, made ready for the winter snows. The leaves from the chestnut trees have to be raked and tossed into the compost bin. And the chicken coop needs to be cleaned and readied for winter.

Besides the normal chores I also have several pieces to get sewn. These are commission pieces, part of my ever growing home based business. The Etsy part of my business is still slow, but locally I have been able to pick up several commissions for SCA fighting garb. I've also picked up a couple of non-fabric related commissions as well. A custom carved hair stick from apple wood and a wood and metal hairstick, which I haven't completed yet.

Besides my home based business I have also taken up the Scribal Arts in the SCA. I have created three or four scrolls, illumination only, and one of them was given to a person in Atlantia Kingdom. It is gratifying to know that a piece of art I created was appreciated by a group of people so far away. I've only been making scrolls for a few months so having one shared so soon into my practice is awesome.

So as usual I am keeping myself busy. Insanely so it seems, but in my case busy is a good thing. And, the fact that I am helping to pay the bills with my sewing just makes me that much happier. If I can keep it up I will actually be able to start saving some money to go towards buying us a small farm somewhere.


Kris said...

You have chestnuts? My home town has a few in the cemetery, always love to see them when I'm there. Wish we could have chickens--it's a dream of mine!

I'm enjoying reading!

Dee said...

They are Horse Chestnuts, which means we can't eat them. But the shade is wonderful in the summer time. We call it the umbrella tree because unless it is a heavy downpour you can stay dry under the tree.