Thursday, July 12, 2012


We have definitely been in drought conditions this last month. In the last 30 days we have been lucky to get 1 or 2 cm of rain in total. The ground is powder dry and the plants are suffering. Not just the garden, though it is suffering severely, but the flowers, grass, and even the trees are wilted and unhappy.

To keep the garden from dying outright we've been watering every day. It has made a difference. The onions and cauliflower that were dormant have now started growing again. The Kohlrabi which had started to wilt is turning green and the root ball is growing again. The tomatoes are blooming and several of the plants are covered in small fruit.

The flower beds have been dry too, but being less important than the vegetable garden I only water them once a week. The herb bed ranks up there with the flower beds so it has only been getting water once a week. The only problem with this schedule is that the blueberry plants are in the upper tier of the herb bed. Blueberries need a lot of water to thrive and put out flowers, which means they are living but not really growing and definitely not putting out any fruit.

I'm hoping August is wetter than June and July have been. If we have to continue watering like this the water bill is going to be far larger than the benefits from the vegetable garden. As it stands I have not gotten much out of the garden yet, but I am crossing my fingers that we get lots of tomatoes and onions even with the drought conditions.


PeterC said...

The horses' pastures are also bone dry, lots of dust to roll in but little in the way of nibblies.

I can only hope like you that the promise of rain this weekend is right and we get more soon. I can see how the dust bowl started though, just walking through the almost non-existent grass.


Vinayak said...

if this is the condition of rains at present dont know what will happen in the later years.