Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Month

This has been a very busy month so far. Thankfully it is almost over and with luck July and August will be a little less busy.

We've actually been extremely busy since we joined the SCA, but the summer months are always even more so. During a normal week we spend two days doing SCA related stuff. Armour Repair and Arts & Science on Mondays and Fight Practice on Thursdays. One week a month we also have Scribal Arts and the Canton Business Meeting. That is just the Winter schedule.

In the Summer months we also have events and demos to attend each weekend. This year I also set up a merchant booth at the two local events. I spent a great deal of my spare time making spoons, drop spindles, lucets, and nalbinding needles to sell at my booth. I also helped organize our annual Summer Seige, which required a lot of my extra time. It was worth it though.

My ETSY shop has been very slow and barely paying for the monthly fees to maintain it. The merchant booths brought in quite a large sum over the last two months, which will help keep my ETSY store open a few more months. I've also been doing sewing commissions for our local fight group, which has started to expand a little into the next Canton over, so that also helps with the income. But, as with all things it takes time.

The next couple of months look like they will be a little slower. We still have our normal schedules but the events are mostly to far away for us to attend. That gives us some breathing time on the weekends, though we do still have one demo and one event we have already agreed to attend. I've also been asked to teach carving at an event in Northern Outpost, our unofficial southern cousins in Potsdam, New York.

Other than that, it looks like we will be able to take some time to ourselves. Peter will be spending time with the horses, I will be spending time working in the garden and with luck canning tomatoes. Did I say we will be less busy? I guess I just meant less busy with the SCA.

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