Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Blessed Weather

We are finally back to somewhat normal temperatures here. Highs in the lower 20º C range and lows getting down to the middle teens at night. Makes life a lot more comfortable for me and the kohlrabi and cauliflower. Unfortunately, it is to late for the radishes.

Radishes are cool weather plants. As soon as it starts getting hot they stop putting their energy into making yummy root balls. Instead they put their energy into making leaves and seeds, which are inedible. The heat wave in May made the radishes grow tall, leafy, and start flowering. Now they are getting culled from the garden, which seems to be making the chickens incredibly happy.

Speaking of chickens we had another one become egg bound. That means the egg broke inside her and caused all kinds of nasty stuff to build up. Once this happens there is nothing you can do for a chicken, as most vets will not see chickens. Egg bound is a death sentence for birds and is a slow and very painful death. Instead, we took the humane route and put her out of her misery before the infection could get really bad and make her hurt.

The squash seeds we planted have not sprouted. The seeds were left over from a previous years planting, so fewer sprouts were expected, so we over seeded the hills. We have had no sprouts. That would suggest the seeds were old when we got them or possibly even hybrids designed to prevent seed saving from year to year.

Regardless of the reason for no sprouting, the end result is that we have to buy new squash seeds and replant. Normally I would not be overly worried about this, but around here the stores have a tendency to run out of the good seeds early and not restock. So, if I can not find Yellow Crookneck Squash anywhere I have to find another type of summer squash for the garden.

Maybe I can find some Pattypan Squash. The meat is not as tender or as flavourful as crookneck squash but the pattypan are usually very prolific growers. I like having very prolific producers in the garden so that we have enough for us to eat when we want but we can exchange with other gardeners for vegetables we didn't grow. Gives you twice the garden for half the space and work if you can find other gardeners willing to do an exchange like that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your poorly chicken. Just wanted to let you know that my chicken was egg bound, but she recovered well after a 10 day course of antibiotics. I almost gave up hope, she looked so ill. But she has just starting to lay normally again and is back to her chirpy, perky self - if it happens again you can get chicken antibiotics off the internet and adminster them yourself orally if a vet can't help xx

Naomi said...

I had no idea what egg bound meant until I read this blog