Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Garden Beds

We manage to get one warm, dry day last week and PeterC and I took advantage of the day. We ordered in some 2 x 12 boards, some soil, and some compost. The order didn't arrive until later in the day so we spent most of the day raking leaves and cleaning up the yard after yet another wind storm. I also managed to get my kohlrabi seed planted in the bed with my onions.

Once the order arrived, we pulled out the tools and started building. We managed to get all the beds built and the existing soil turned and piled into the centre. We ran out of time so we didn't get any of the new soil or compost added to the beds that day. Or any day since.

Since that one warm day last week, the weather has been very wet and windy. Today is mice and sunny but the air is cold. To cold to be working in the garden. So instead I am spending the afternoon replanting the few Roma tomato seeds that have sprouted, and hoping they will do well enough in larger containers until I can plant them outside.

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