Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garden Blues

As I suspected, April decided to return to slightly below average temperatures and weather. Luckily, I was prepared for that in the garden. The crops I planted didn't really suffer for the cold temperatures. The radishes, which were about a 1/4 inch high just tucked themselves up for the cold and waited it out.

The tomatoes seeds I planted didn't fair as well, even though they were indoors. They grew very spindly and then the cats figured out how to get the lid off the seedling tray and ate most of the long skinny shoots. I've moved them to a new area but I think it was to little to late. So, I will be buying plants from the nursery again this year. Hopefully I will get healthy plants with no blight in the soil and will get a decent crop later in the year.

Because the weather turned cold again we have yet to get the old beds rebuilt. Each time we think we will get a good clear weekend the clouds move in, the showers start falling, and the wind turns cool. With any luck the beds will be rebuilt and ready to plant by May 24th, the traditional planting day for this area. If not then we may be planting into hills instead of raised beds again this year.

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