Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring? Maybe!

The weather here has been up and down for weeks now. Cold one day and warm the next. Wintery and grey most days, but summery on some days. It has made it hard to acclimatize, and I have spent more than my fair share of days huddled up inside my personal space.

Yesterday was no different but it was fight practise night so we had to go outside whether we wanted to or not. The air was very warm but it was raining. Not just a light shower either. It was raining hard enough that we were soaked in the short walk from the house to the truck.

With the rain most of the snow was melted and we noticed the first hint of spring. The daffodils, in the bed next the foundation of the house, were sprouting. Their little green shoots with yellow tips were sticking out from the soggy, cold soil at least 2 inches. The birds were also singing for all they were worth as we trudged through the rain. By the time were were ready to come home the rain had turned into a hard blowing snow.

While Mother Nature was gleefully covering all the freshly uncovered grass and dirt, she could not hide the fact that Yes, Spring is here. Soon my crocuses and daffodils will be growing and blooming, the chickens will be venturing further from their covered yard, and the birds will be busy building nests and raising the first of many clutches of babies. Soon enough I'll be hiding inside from the heat but until then I'll be enjoying the ever warming and greening world around me.

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