Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine on My Shoulder

Even though this winter has been warmer than usual there hasn't been a lot of sunshine. The skies have been grey and overcast pretty much since the end of November, with the occasional clear day. Today is one of those rare clear days and the sunshine is warm on my face.

Days like this put me in mind of the coming Spring. New life, flowers, grass, and of course the garden. I haven't finalized plans for the garden yet. I've looked through all the seed books that have arrived but for some reason I just can't make a decision.

The only thing I know for sure is that I will be planting shallots again. The shallots did very well last year and it was nice to have green onions from late Spring to later Summer, and actual shallots in the fall. The shallots also kept very well over the winter months, unlike my previous attempts at storing onions.

I think I would like to try garlic again though I might be better off planting porcelain neck garlic next fall. It needs to be in the ground for the winter before it grows in Spring. The summer garlic I planted last year didn't grow very well but I don't know if it was the soil, the water, or the fact that the chicken's kept digging the bulbs up. I know that last bit didn't help matters at all.

Maybe I can't decide what to plant because I know we have to fix the beds first. The boards on all three of our original beds gave out last spring. We planted anyway but the soil just kept spreading out instead of staying in the nice mounds we put it in in Spring. I plan on making the beds 12 inches deep, using 2 x 12 boards to build the sides. We will also make the beds 3 foot wide instead of 4 foot as the were before.

I'll also take this opportunity to add some manure and sand to the soil. Over the years the soil has been slowly getting less and less fertile so that has to be done as well. Now I know what I will be doing this Spring. Only after the beds are rebuilt and properly fenced will I even begin to think about what to plant this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey I like your blog. I like this post because it really shows a person.i like that i was thinking when i read it about how i garden.I would like it if you looked my blog(even though it might not be what your looking for in a blog a really enjoyed reading this post.

take care,
Everything us girls go through.

Joanne said...

I can't wait to plant my garden! It really makes me very happy.
Blessings, Joanne