Thursday, December 08, 2011

SCA Personal Device

After much frustration, redrawing, and redrawing again I finally have my personal device within the SCA. It isn't quite official yet. I have to submit the device again with a wider border, but I think it will actually pass and be registered this time.

Per Bend Or and Vert, a Fox Saliant Proper to Sinister, within a Bordure Embattled Argent."

In modern English that is a field split diagonal lower left to upper right. Yellow on top and green on the bottom. A fox leaping to the left, coloured natural. All surrounded by a crenellated white border.

Of course, me being me, my shields are painted differently. The fox is in a pounce position and the white border only exists if I have put rawhide on the edge of my shield. Ether way it should be a fairly easy to recognize device even from afar.

I will be using this device on my personal banner, with the border, and as my Coat of Arms on the heavy armoured combat field. If you see it, and me, then stop and say hello.

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