Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life With A Gang

A gang of ferrets that is. After the loss of Freya I went on an spending spree and took in several ferrets in need of a good home. The first one was, ostensibly, to find a companion for the now lonely Bucky Boy. The next two were a pair that we took in because they needed a good home with good care and food. The last was a baby I purchased from a local pet store.

In each case I justified the acquisition by saying we were doing them a favour and taking them into a caring and loving home. And, we were. In one case in particular we took a pair from a home that was feeding them dry cat food and their health was suffering for it. But I must admit that in reality I was looking for another Freya. A sweet personality, playful spirit, and lots of love to give. And, in a way I have found her, though it has taken me five little furlings to do it.

First we have Bucky Boy, or Buckaroo as I call him. He is a lovely sable with dark markings, and a small white line from his chin to his chest. He is a sweet little thing who loves socks, especially if they are already on your feet. He also likes to chew of toes and dive head first into sweaty boots. He was Freya's companion for a couple of months before we lost her and he missed her terribly after she died.

Next we have Grimnr Long Tooth, a white with dark eyes little boy who love to play. He loves to run up behind me and tackle my calf then bounce away laughing, especially if I can't quite catch him. He is a very petite little boy and full of mischief. He also loves playing tag in the snow, though I was finally able to catch him.

Then we have the twins, who are twins no more. Riff Raff and Fafnr were an identical sable pair when we got them and very hard to tell apart. They were underweight and their hair was falling out due to a poor diet. A few months of good food and lots of love and they are both doing well. Their weight is up, their hair has grown back, and I couldn't ask for sweeter little boys.

Riff Raff, called Raff most often has developed the softest fur you can imagine and his face has turned all white. He is very mellow and doesn't mind being kissed on the nose and snuggled for a few minutes. Fafnr, nicknamed Faf, is very sweet and will give me a most angelic look when he wants a treat. Fafnr has a dark brown mask across the eyes, and reddish brown undertones to his body fur.

And finally, we have Svinn Pooftail the Pirate, called Poofers for short. He was only 14 weeks old when we purchased him from the pet store. He is a grey undertoned sable and seems to be developing a white mask on his face. He is very skittish, and easily spooked by loud noises or unexpected movement. He is a pirate because he loves to steal things, especially TV and Cable box remotes. We are still looking for the TV remote from the last hoarding.

Poofers had an adventure a few weeks ago. He managed to sneak out of the house and was missing for two weeks. Luckily one of our neighbours knows we have ferrets and when they saw him eating with the feral cats on their porch they caught him and brought him home. He has calmed down some since that trauma and is, knock on wood, less prone to charging the front door. He even lets me pick him up and kiss his nose every once in a while.

So there you have it. The chaos monkeys. The snake rats. The furbits. The Gang of Five. Who knew Freya had such large shoes to fill in my heart?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

SCA Personal Device

After much frustration, redrawing, and redrawing again I finally have my personal device within the SCA. It isn't quite official yet. I have to submit the device again with a wider border, but I think it will actually pass and be registered this time.

Per Bend Or and Vert, a Fox Saliant Proper to Sinister, within a Bordure Embattled Argent."

In modern English that is a field split diagonal lower left to upper right. Yellow on top and green on the bottom. A fox leaping to the left, coloured natural. All surrounded by a crenellated white border.

Of course, me being me, my shields are painted differently. The fox is in a pounce position and the white border only exists if I have put rawhide on the edge of my shield. Ether way it should be a fairly easy to recognize device even from afar.

I will be using this device on my personal banner, with the border, and as my Coat of Arms on the heavy armoured combat field. If you see it, and me, then stop and say hello.