Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Month

November has been a very busy month so far. Actually this fall has been very busy for me. We had to create some items for our persons and to be gifted as part of our Baronial Taxes. I've been working on my entries for Kingdom A & S, not only the items themselves but I had to try to document them as well.

Last weekend was Feast of the Hare, hosted by Caltdrithig. It was the event we presented Baronial Taxes but it was also the event I authorized with Sword and Shield. The person I am fighting is Queen Dagmar, a battle queen who has competed to win the position of queen in past tourneys. This year her King won the tourney but it does not reduce her prowess as a fighter in any way.

Besides doing the tourney I received an Award of Arms from their Majesties. This was in recognition of my tendency to jump in feet first into new projects and to give it my all. This includes getting my fighting kit together, helping other people get their kits together, helping people with arts and sciences, and helping out at Summer Siege. I can now title myself Lady, with the SCA, should I chose to.

This weekend was Kingdom A&S. We had to drive to Greyfells for the event which meant an early morning start to the day. I entered 7 items; a pair of Thorsbjerg Pants, a 6 panel cap, a tablet woven band, a wooden box, an embroidered belt, a pair of nalbound mittens, and the banners I painted for PeterC and myself for last weekend.

The banners were a last minute entry and I received no feedback during the judging for them. The other entries did garner much feedback, all of it rather positive and some of it very useful. I also received honourable mention from the Baroness of Ramshaven on four of my entries, and Baron's Choice from Ramshaven on my tablet woven band. I received an honourable mention from my own Baroness on my tablet woven band, as well as a Fleur-de-Lis token from an unknown admirer. Each of these items will be added to a treasure necklace I plan to create over the next little while.

Now I hope to spend some time working on a Christmas gift for our Canton Christmas exchange, working on some more garb for myself, as well as a piece commissioned by a shield sister, and thinking about what I want to enter into next years Kingdom A&S, and possibly the Kingdom A&S Pentathlon. Of course I also want to spend some time playing with the furlings and relaxing with PeterC. I'm not sure if he will know what to do if I don't have a new project on the go.

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