Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall and The First Fire

There is something wonderful and comforting about the first fire, in the wood stove, of the season. Maybe it is the dry heat radiating into the room, taking the chill and damp from the fall air. Maybe it is the smell of the wood burning each time the door is opened to rearrange the logs.

Maybe, just maybe, it is the knowledge that the circle has turned once more and we are again coming into he long, slow down of the year. For us the arrival of Fall means a last flurry of activity before a time of rest and relaxation. We access our stores of food and wood and rest safe in the knowledge that we have harvested and put away all we need for the winter.

Fall is my favourite time of year. The trees and plants put on a heck of a colour show. The lawnmowers are quiet, and the snow blowers are still in hibernation. The world takes a deep breath and starts to slow down and get ready for the deep snows and cold of Winter. We can sit outside on dry weekends and have a nice bonfire, enjoying peace a quiet for a change.

Fall air is clear and crisp, making breathing and star viewing more amazing than any other time of the year. A blanket or jacket and we are ready to sit outside and enjoy the view. And when it is all over and we have seen enough of the night sky for a while we put out the bonfire and trundle back inside to drink hot tea and snuggle with our furry, feline room mates.

Soon enough the world will be asleep under a blanket of white and we will doze in front of our fires, venturing out only to take care of chores. We will turn our minds and hands to more sedate activities, creating or repairing items for the following Spring.

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