Saturday, August 20, 2011

Movie Magic...Not So Much

I've led a relatively sheltered life in some ways. I didn't see my first movie in the theatre until I was 18 and on my first date. It was "Return of the Jedi" and needless to say I became hooked. There is something oh so magical about sitting in a dark room with a huge screen and surround sound to really and truly lose yourself, suspend your disbelief as they say, and become part of the story.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing some really great movies in the theatre. "Dragonheart", "Fifth Element", and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy being the ones that stand out in my mind. Unfortunately, I have had to displeasure of paying large sums of money to sit through a movie that was just sad. Even with all the help of the environment I just wasn't able to truly get into the movie. But I kept going back time and time again to give Hollywood another chance.

With age, and fewer really good movie ideas coming out, I found the allure of the theatre dimming. Prices for the tickets kept creeping higher, and higher, while the stories became weaker and less interesting. Occasionally a Sci-Fi or Fantasy would tempt me back to the dark, cool, loud, and large room but most of the time we just decided to wait to rent the movie.

New technology, or old technology re-imagined, was introduced to make movies more attractive to an ever more cynical viewing audience, and in the early days I guess it worked. 3-D movies were very popular with the audiences for a while but as with all things Hollywood, they overdid it. Every movie that has been released over the last year has been 3-D. It did nothing for me and I never bothered to see one. Until last night.

Having come from the above mentioned "sheltered life" I knew who "Conan the Barbarian" was but I had never had the pleasure of seeing the movie all the way through. Last night we decided to see the new "Conan the Barbarian" movie. We arrived at the theatre only to find that the movie was being shown in 3-D and we had to pay extra for that "privilege".

We already pay $10.00 to see a movie but now we had to pay an extra $4.00 for a style of filming that we could not choose yea or nay to. So we ponied up our cash, the price of which already putting a damper on our attempts to go into the theatre with open minds, received our $.30 glasses, and took our seats. We settled in, hoped for a good movie, and watched.

To be honest the movie wasn't bad. It wasn't great but I admit I have paid to see far worse movies in the theatre. The acting was okay and the story was actually kind of interesting. The 3-D effect was a waste. It tended to distract me from the actual movie. It wasn't used sparingly and in places where it would be a great addition to the movie. NO, the entire movie was filmed in 3-D and it was just annoying.

We both came out of the theatre with the firm opinion that we will not be going to the Cinema again anytime soon. We will wait for the movies to be released for rental and if it even suggests that it is filmed in 3-D we will avoid seeing it at all. It is truly a shame that Hollywood can't come up with original stories but it is even worse when they "effects them up" in an attempt to make them more interesting and ruin them instead.

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