Monday, July 25, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

It has been brutally hot here the last week. The weather forecasters say it is because of of "bubble" of hot air extending from the midwest USA. Maybe that is the case, maybe it is just a change in our environment, or maybe it is just a really hot and dry July. Regardless it has put a damper on my willingness to go outside.

The green beans, on the other hand, seem to be loving this heat. I've been keeping them watered, every other day or so, and I was rewarded last Monday with a huge harvest. I estimate we picked 10 lbs of green and wax beans, with plenty more ripening up. If this turns into a trend then we'll have beans to last us the whole winter canned up.

The peas are not so happy. Before the heatwave hit we were getting a pound of peas a week. Since the heatwave has started the pea vines have died back and the peas that were developing have turned a sickly yellow and stopped all growth. If the weather stays hot and dry much longer I'll have to pull all my pea plants, turn the soil, and wait until August to plant a second batch in time for fall harvest.

The carrots, shallots, and beets seem to be pretty happy as long as I keep them watered. The garlic, which was doing so well when it was cooler and wetter, seems to be stalling in its growth. Even with watering every two days the garlic just doesn't seem to be all that happy.

Of course when I was in the garden yesterday I found that about half of what I thought was garlic was, in fact, an annoying look alike grass. From a couple of feet away you can't tell the different. Instead you have to look at the base of the plant. Garlic has a stalk with the leaves splitting off an inch or so above the soil. If the leaves split at the ground it is grass, and has to be pulled out of the bed.

As with every year there are successes and failures in the garden. Somehow, this year I managed to pick the right combination of vegetables to plant and I have more successes then failures, at least I did before the weather turned so bloody hot. I hope we get back to normal summer temperatures soon.

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Funder said...

I have baby green beans and blooming squash/zucchini, but no more actual food right now. Glad your garden is actually producing something! ;)