Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

It has been a very busy couple of weeks since my last post. Between working on commissions, going to fight practice and armouring nights, going with PeterC to riding lessons, and getting merchant booth stock ready for Summer Siege time has just gotten completely away from me.

It has been very hot, dry, and humid these last couple of weeks. Yesterday was the nicest day we've had for two weeks and of course we had to catch up on grocery shopping so spent the majority of it in town. Today is nice and cool but very wet, which is a relief. I've had to water the garden just to keep it from turning into a miniature dust bowl.

In the last two weeks we have adopted another ferret. A male about a year and a half old. He was quite inactive when we first got him, but plenty of space to run and another ferret to chase and wrestle with has done him a world of good. He is finally beginning to respond to the squeaky toy, comes slowly to his name being called, and even likes to curl up in my arms for the famous ferret power nap.

Just for some real cute factor, here is Freya happily napping in the dirty laundry. She is particularly fond of sleeping in PeterC's shirts after he comes home from work. She is such an angel when she is asleep but a little devil when she is awake, and when she is beating the snot out of Bucky. I'll try to upload a video on another day.

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Your ferrets are so cute! They look like constant entertainment. Sweet little babies!