Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Thank God for Good Neighbours

This has been a very stressful week. Sunday we headed out the door to attend our SCA Canton meeting. Our Canton headquarters is 1 1/2 hours away and the meeting lasted for about an hour plus another hour of gabbing and visiting. All told we were gone from the house for 5 1/2 hours. It seemed like a great day until we got home to find that Freya was missing.

Since Freya couldn't get out unless we opened the door that meant she was loose for the entire afternoon. Of course we started searching. We grabbed her squeaky toy and walked the entire neighbourhood three times. My second trip around I knocked on every door that had someone home and asked if they had seen a ferret and if they would contact me if they did find her.

Just as it was getting dark, I made my last trip around the neighbourhood. PeterC drove by and told me there had been a sighting of Freya at 3:00 pm under the next door neighbour's porch to the West of us. I spent several minutes around his house and under his porch calling and squeaking to no avail so I headed one more time around the block. I was hoping that is she stayed that close until 3:00 then she wouldn't have gotten to far away.

As I was coming down the side street, on the last leg of my search for the night, I saw our eastern neighbour standing at the edge of his driveway. He said he had found her. I was relieved and asked where. About that time PeterC drove up to tell me that not only had the neighbour found her, apparently asleep under his porch, he had braved the licking of the beast to bring her home. I couldn't help it I hugged the man, probably far longer than was appropriate but I didn't care.

So now, Freya is watched very carefully when we are going in and out the doors. She is kept close to home, by staying in the home. No more going outside even if we are there to watch her. Her world grew and shrank on Sunday. She is forever more a house bound ferret. As for the neighbour, he refused to take money as a reward so he got a dozen fresh eggs and he can have as many eggs as he wants from now of charge as far as I am concerned.

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