Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spring Crown Tourney

We attended our second event since we joined the SCA in January. The Spring Crown Tourney was held in Greely, Ontario and featured a great afternoon of battle and chivalry between the competitors for the Ealdormere Crown.

Between bouts I socialized with people I knew, worked on nalbinding, visited the merchants booths, and in general tried really hard to absorb as much information as I possibly could. It is fascinating to see all the centuries, and countries, of the Dark and Middle Ages represented in costume and arm0ur.

I managed to acquire several items at the merchants booths that I have been coveting, and a couple of things I didn't even know I wanted. My most prized acquisition is a bronze penancular brooch that I have been wanting since I joined the SCA, and fits right in with my personae.

My next favourite item is the turned maple cup I purchased. A well timed purchase since my ceramic cup was broken soon after I purchased the wooden cup. I also found a stainless steel basket hilt for my next heavy combat weapon, a bearded axe, and a reprint of the Fannie Farmer 1896 Cookbook.

Finally, as the hour grew late and my mind turned to a warm bed, I was asked by the Baroness if I was attending court. I said I would stay if I needed too. She "suggested" that my presence was a good idea. It turns out that PeterC and I were both called before the Baron and Baroness to receive our "Bunny Tails", a small piece of white rabbit fur that marks us as members of Skraeling Althing Barony.

I'm not sure if it is normal to receive the bunny tail so soon after joining but I gather from what the Baron said that it is unusual for people to be recognized quite so quickly. Apparently my entering the Blind A & S and PeterC authorizing in heavy combat at our first event made an impression with someone and the Barony decided to award us for "jumping in with to feet and never looking back".

I hope I can continue to make a good impression with the other members of the SCA, and with the leaders of our Barony and of my local Canton. It will mean that we are doing something right, and that makes me proud of all the research and effort I have put into making our garb and armour kits as accurate as possible.

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