Sunday, May 15, 2011

Garden 2011

I've been incredibly slow in updating the blog recently. Not sure why, but I just haven't felt like writing anything. Since it is raining out I decided it was time to add a new post about the garden.

This year's weather has been up and down since February. It was actually warm enough to plant in March but I held off. It was a good decision, as April was cold and wet all month long. Even though April was on average to cold, I did manage to get my root crops - shallots, carrots, beets, and some garlic - planted one sunny afternoon. We planted in the two smaller raised beds that were covered with the windows, thus warming the soil quicker than the uncovered beds.

Last weekend we turned and planted the two beds closest to the house with beans and peas. They are no longer raised as the wood framing rotted away and we didn't buy more wood to replace them. Instead we mounded the soil in the centre of the area, removed the rotted wood, and levelled it off to create a raised planting surface with sloping sides. We then took some patio stones and surrounded the beds with a place to walk.

We even managed to plant the third and final garden bed with garlic. The bed's sides have also rotted out and need to be replaced but we couldn't turn it this year. Turns out the garlic I planted last year, that didn't grow before the snow fell, decided it was coming up this year. Works for me, I love garlic.

The only thing I have left to plant is the herb bed. We will be shopping for herb seedlings in a couple of weeks, and planting any seeds I have left over from previous years attempts at growing from seed. The chickens did a real number on my herb bed so even my tried and true perennial herbs have failed to survive the winter. I even have to replant the mint and tarragon, two herbs that can easily become weeds if not kept in check.

That leaves a possible dye garden, which I am still thinking about. I like the idea of dyeing my own yarn and maybe even fabric but the research I have done suggests it is a lot more work with noxious chemicals than it is gardening and boiling with fresh leaves. Maybe I'll just grow the plants because they are pretty rather than useful, that will be a change around here.


Coloradocasters said...

I enjoy your blog posts whenever you find the time. Here is to an amazing harvest this year.

Carolyn said...

It has been a messy, wet spring all over. I'd like to get a couple of raised beds in, but you know how the week gets away from you. Your post has me thinking about a herb bed, both medicinal and kitchen.
Thanks for such an inspiring post! Hope to see another soon!