Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blueberries at last

Some regular readers may remember that I ordered two dwarf blueberry bushes from Henry Fields Nursery last January, to be shipped last May. You may also remember that they never shipped and I was told they were out of the plants. I asked for my account to be credited with the amount I paid.

A couple months after sending me a letter saying my account would be credited I received a card saying the blueberry bushes would ship out within two weeks. The bushes never arrived but I got notification cards every month up until December 2010. After that I just forgot about it and added it to the lesson learned pile.

Last week I received an email saying my blueberries had shipped. This was of course the day before the long weekend and the day a possible mail delivery strike was to be announced. Yesterday the blueberries finally arrived, 1.5 years late, in the mail. Two little 6 inch high bushes, one of which looked half dead and severely frost damaged, wrapped in plastic and stuffed into a cardboard box designed for shipping live plants.

I planted them as soon as we got home from the post office and gave them a pep talk. I watered them well, and left it to up to mother nature. If they survive it will be two or three years before we get berries, but they are finally here.

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trashmaster46 said...

I hope they survive :)