Monday, April 18, 2011

Plans Gone Awry

PeterC went out of town this weekend to take a 3 day metal bashing course and I planned, while he was gone, to get at least one garden bed planted and covered with the old windows. This would of course be three weeks earlier than normal. However, as the title of this post says plans went awry.

The weather, which had been holding cool and moist all last week, turned cold and wet. The temperatures have been hovering just above 0ÂșC since Friday. The wind has been blowing wildly, trans-locating several garbage cans in the neighbourhood. And, it has been extremely wet. So wet in fact that walking anywhere in the yard results in squishes, and in some places you are going to get your feet and lower legs wet. Needless to say the garden has once again been put on hold.

But, fear not dear readers, the time did not go to waste. Since I couldn't do much outside I decided to concentrate on getting stuff done inside. I decided it was a good time to start increasing my inventory. You see, I decided I was going to be a merchant at the SCA event that the local group is hosting in June. While that may seem like a long way away it is relatively short considering that everything I sell is handmade.

So I have been working away all weekend making pouches, brooches, nalbinding needles, and even an embroidered belt. I also worked on my chip carved box. In fact it is almost finished. Just a couple more coats of varnish and some buffing and it will be done. I did remember to take pictures this time. Better yet, I got PeterC to take the pictures when he got home last night.

It is a good thing I always have several projects on the go. Otherwise I would have been stuck looking for something to do when the weather turned and my outside plans had to be scrapped.


Funder said...

Wow, that's stunning! I'm so impressed :)

Hope your weather's improved this weekend. Ours is gross; it's been drizzling for like 36 hours. At least it's not snowing?

Dee said...

Well we did get a little snow Thursday morning but it melted off pretty quick. Friday was sunny so we got some yard work done.