Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Aborted

March started out warm and very wet. We got more rain in the first two days of March than we normally get for the whole month. Every flat field, ditch, and low area was absolutely flooded. The snow was almost gone in areas where it wasn't packed down. Then that all changed.

Mother Nature called an abort of spring. Maybe she realized it was just to damn early for this part of the world to lose it's snow and cold weather. March 3rd woke with the rain still coming down but now it was coming down as snow. All the snow that had melted was back in place and more was falling, quite heavily at times, from the sky. The temperatures dipped back below freezing and have stayed there, hovering just below zero during the day and dipping down to the negative teens at night.

All those fields and low areas are still flooded but now they are solid sheets of ice instead of water. The trees look like they did 3 month ago with no sign of spring in the air. The flowers that were trying to poke their heads out of the snow are dormant again and the trees, who had just started to yawn, are now firmly asleep again. Winter dozed off but woke up just in time to wrap the world, at least my corner of it, back into the fluffy snow wrapped sleep it had started to wake from.

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trashmaster46 said...

We only had one real snow, but we've been getting tons of rain. I'm so glad I procrastinated about the veg & fruit planting! But we're finally starting to see the trees leaf and flower now, and my spring bulbs are going great guns. Now if I can just get some peas & carrots into the ground and not worry about them being washed away!