Sunday, February 06, 2011

First Meeting in Garb

We attended out first meeting of the local SCA group, in garb. I've been working pretty hard to get everything done for the last month. In the end I managed to get most of Peter's outfit done, sans belt pouch and leg wraps. I had enough garb to show well but it is not complete yet and still needs linen under dress, belt, belt pouch, and light weight linen breacs (long underwear) to wear under everything.

Here is Peter, known as Cennedig of Harrowgate Heath, resplendent in a green and gold early Anglo-Saxon ensemble. The trews are cotton plaid and cut to a very early form of trousers based on this article by Viktoria Persdotter, archaeologist and craftsman.Peter says they are the most comfortable pair of pants he has ever owned in his life and has requested at least one more set for fight practice.

Peter's tunic is made from natural linen that we then dyed to this lovely gold colour. The tunic is based on the pattern in the article " Getting Started with Tunics" by Jane Stockton. Pretty good piece of research with very clear information on tunics and their construction. I say based on because I actually altered the pattern to make the sleeves at the shoulder and at the underarm fit better.

Peter's cloak is nothing more than a piece of wool we picked up at the fabric store in town. It is a very simple plaid with a dark green background and very dark orange lines. It is closed at the shoulder with a brooch I made for him from copper. It is a little more modern than I like but it actually looked pretty nice on the cloak.

Peter's belt is a strap woven from a wool blend roving. I then embroidered vines and two stags on the belt. I have pictures in a previous post. He also had on a pair of nalbound socks with a pair of turn shoes of leather over that. All in all he looks pretty snazzy.

In comparison, I was dressed very poorly. My outfit consisted of an altered Halloween costume made from flannel, a rope belt, a pair of nalbound socks and leather turn shoes, and a piece of wool kept on by a couple of copper brooches I made last night. The best thing about my outfit were the brooches.

I look forward to the next time I get to play dress-up. I hope to have the rest of my garb completed by then and maybe even a few extra pieces completed, too.


Anonymous said...

You did a lovely job on the costumes. They look really good. Peter's garbs looks so comfy and soft. I also LOVE the brooches. You are very creative Dee! Have fun at your next meeting.


PeterC said...

They are comfy pants!

Funder said...

Haha, yall look awesome! Especially the brooches and belt, those are really nice touches.