Monday, January 17, 2011

First Fight Practice

We attended our first SCA activity Thursday evening, armoured fight practice. While I joined the SCA to get hands on experience with my various fibre art interests, I was also intrigued with the idea of learning to fight with sword and shield. Truthfully, I am more interested in the construction of the armour than in the actual fighting, but it is something PeterC and I can do together.

Since it was our first practise we of course had no equipment, other than personal groin protection. The SCA has a very strict rule on armour and weapon construction and that is something neither PeterC nor myself know enough about to go about constructing our own gear. So, we had to borrow armour and weapons from other members. I was lucky enough to find stuff that fit, though the helmet I borrowed was very tight around the jaw. PeterC was another story.

PeterC has a very large head. It is large enough that he has to special order his hats. Needless to say no one had a helmet big enough for him to wear. He did manage to squeeze his head into a borrowed helmet but couldn't stay in it long enough to get more than one round of fight practice in. The gorget he borrowed was also a bit tight for his neck. That means the very first items we need to get, besides knee and elbow pads, is a helm and gorget that fits him.

Since I was able to squeeze into loaner equipment I actually got to fight three or four bouts. I pretty much sucked at it. I found my self very afraid to hit my opponent at first. After much coaxing, and a little yelling, I got over that fear and took several good swings. My first bout wasn't bad, but each subsequent bout was worse and worse. By the end of the night I could barely lift my shield and when I did it was to little to late. Needless to say I got hit with head shots a lot. I've had the ringing ears and headache for the last 4 days to prove it.

In the end it was good fun and both PeterC and myself are looking forward to attending upcoming fight practises. It will be more fun when we have our own equipment and don't have to rely on loaner stuff, but until we get the materials to make our own gear we are beggars. With luck a larger helm will be there next Thursday so PeterC can enjoy the fun of being hit, instead of laughing at me stumble about like a drunk.


Dev Forester said...

Have you thought about crafting your own?

Dee said...

We will be making our own armour as soon as we get the materials and the knowledge to put them together. I'm hoping to do some asking at the next fight practice, Thursday, to find out what we can use other than steel.