Thursday, October 28, 2010

Customer Service is Lacking

Saturday we headed into town to pick up a few things including tarps. When the TSC first came to town it was the best place to get decent, heavy duty tarps for a good price. For some reason the last 6 months the TSC has gone from a farm store to trying to compete with Canadian Tire. We needed a farm store, instead we get a clone of our local not so great Canadian Tire.

Since TSC didn't have the size or strength tarps we needed, we decided to stop at CT to see if they, on the absolute off chance, had any heavy duty tarps. They didn't but they did have tarps on sale. Not great tarps but cheap. We head for the tarp aisle to find that they haven't bothered to actually stock the tarps that are on sale. They have a lot of the really crappy expensive tarps on the shelf but none of the ones on sale.

We're not the only people looking for these tarps so a stock person is contacted. Boy is he pissed that he has to come out and do any work. OF course the first thing he does is go through the pile of incorrect size tarps as if we, the customer, were to stupid to check there first. He finally gets out his inventory checker and declares yes there are some in the back, then he huffs off to check for them.

Ten minutes later he comes out with 1 tarp for us and another for the other customer. We tell him we need two more. God, if looks could kill. Another ten minutes and a different, younger man, comes out with 8 of the correct size tarps and stocks the shelf, after giving us the other two we needed. Which means that for a 3 day weekend sale they now have a grand total of 6 tarps on the shelf.

While looking for ice trays we over heard another stock person telling another customer that they didn't have any of another sale item in stock. Who's brilliant idea is it to put something on sale that you either don't have in stock or have a very low number in stock. I think it is a form of bait and switch. Put something on sale and hope the customer buys a different, higher priced item, when it turns out there is none of the sale items in stock.

Somebody, somewhere, must think this is a great way to promote sales. I think it is cheap, lousy, and considering the attitude of the stock people a really poor idea. I just hope it back fires and these companies finally wake up and start offering good customer service.

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