Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Plethora of Pickles

Fall is definitely here and cucumber production has finally stopped. I'm glad the cucumbers were so productive but I'm also glad this growing season is over. We ate cucumbers, gave away cucumbers, and pickled cucumbers. Pickled a lot of cucumbers actually.

We are not huge pickle eaters and still have dill pickles from three years ago. However, we do both enjoy Bread and Butter pickles so this year I decided to only make sweet pickles. Because of the number of cucumbers we got from the garden I made two different batches of pickles.

The first batch was a traditional style Bread and Butter pickle that called for onions and peppers. As always I made a few substitutions. I didn't have any onions or bell peppers so I substituted whole cloves of garlic and hot pepper rings. The rest of the ingredients were pretty basic and I left them alone. The other ingredients were vinegar, sugar, turmeric, and mustard seed.

The second batch of pickles I decided to make as basic as possible. I used the last four ingredients from the first batch to make my pickling solution and filled the jars with just cucumbers. Well, all but one jar. I was a few cucumber slices short of a full jar so I added a sliced carrot just to top it off. I actually expect the pickled carrots to taste pretty good but the jars have to stay sealed for 10 weeks to complete the pickling process.

I still have beans, the occasional squash, and garlic in the garden. All the green tomatoes were picked off the vines this week. I don't think I'm going to pickle any more of the harvest but I am going to make relish from the tomatoes. I guess that is a type of pickle, too. I wonder how pickled beans would taste?

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