Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Made Spaghetti Sauce

I've always enjoyed cooking and in my earlier years I thought I wanted to be a professional chef. Many years and miles later, I have come to realize I love to cook but I absolutely hate working with other people, entertaining, drama, and politics. All things required to be a professional chef. So now I cheerfully enter the kitchen to cook meals for my family that I know they will love, if only I could learn to cook for two instead of thirty.

Here's a recipe for the most delicious home made spaghetti sauce you could ask for. It makes about 15 cups of sauce and takes a long while to make it but it is perfect for the home cook, large families, hungry boys, or pot lucks.

Spaghetti Sauce

20 medium tomatoes - all diced into 1/2 pieces
3 Tsp oil
1/2 large onion - diced
1 bulb garlic - diced roughly
2 large carrots - peeled and shredded
1/2 cp fresh basil - chopped
1/2 cp fresh thyme - chopped
1/2 cp fresh oregano - chopped
4 bay leaves
1 red bell pepper - diced
1 green bell pepper - diced
Salt and pepper to taste

1) Place oil in large, heavy sauce pan and get hot.
2) Sauté onions, garlic, and peppers until just soft.
3) Add half the tomatoes, the herbs, carrots, and salt and pepper.
4) Simmer until all vegetables are very soft. Taste for flavour and add more garlic, salt, and pepper if needed.
5) Remove the bay leaves.
6) Use an immersion blender, food processor, or other devise to puree the sauce completely.
7) Add the rest of the tomatoes and simmer until as thick as you like it.

You can add ground meat to it it you wish but it is pretty darned tasty without it.

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