Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation All Over

Well, vacation is over this year. We did a whole bunch of nothing for vacation this year. We stayed at home, except for the occasional trip into town, and melted on hot days and relished the cooler nights. We pickled eggs and cucumbers, and did a little work on the windows but otherwise a whole lot of nothing.

The garden is doing well. We've given away over 4 litres of cucumbers so far and expect to give away several more before the season is up. I also plan to make some more sweet pickles but I want to use smaller cucumbers this time. The first tomato has come out of the garden and been devoured. There is nothing as delicious as a ripe tomato fresh from the garden with the warmth of the sun still in it. I planted some more garlic but I'm not sure if they are going to sprout or not. They were eating bulbs from the grocery store. I may buy some garlic sets from the TSC this weekend just to hedge my bets.

We've had three hens go broody this summer. One, Red, finally gave up after I took all her eggs away from her and it rained for three days straight. She had decided to hide her nest in the garden and was soaking wet and cold, as the rain came in with a cool front. The other two, Queenie and Wag, are still broody but also sensible enough to nest in the boxes we provided. We take the eggs out from under them every day so they should be coming off the nests soon.

In the last week Queenie and Wag have started sharing the same nest box. For the last couple of days Queenie has been sitting on Wag, or as much of her as she can, and making happy mother hen sounds. I don't know for sure but I think Queenie has decided that Wag is her chick and is trying to sing her to sleep. Wag doesn't seem to mind too terribly much, or maybe she is just not willing to give up her spot.

PeterC and I are discussing buying a couple of chicks next year and putting them under the next hen that goes broody. It will be hard to time it unless we can find someone local who has day old chicks they are willing to sell. We figure it will make the broody hens very happy to have babies to take care of and if will slowly start letting us prepare for the eventual day when our girls get old and start dying. At this point it is still just an idea, but baby animals are always cool to watch grow up.

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