Sunday, August 08, 2010

Potatoes Dug

Yesterday was such a lovely day I decided it was time to get the wormy cabbage out of the garden. While I was at it I decided PeterC needed to dig the potatoes. We ended up with 10 lbs of lovely small to medium size potatoes and even found a few garlic bulbs that had managed to survive being covered with straw. Of course the chickens were delighted with the dirt and helped us dig up and recover anything in their path. They even managed to eat a few dozen bugs while they were at it.

Now I have this lovely patch of garden that is just begging for something to be planted in it. I want to replant garlic and see if I can get a good sized crop off before winter sets in. PeterC wants to try for another batch of potatoes and I agree more potatoes is always a good thing. Of course I also want to try to get a crop of winter cabbage planted but I think that should wait for the cabbage bugs to fly away, or die, or whatever it is they do as the weather gets cooler and the sun lessens throughout the fall.

Perhaps out best course of action is to go to the nursery and see what is available. It may be that neither potatoes nor garlic sets are still around at this time of year. In that case I will look at my seeds and see if there is anything that we can grow in that empty bed, that will actually produce before winter sets in.

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