Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Harvest

This year our first harvest is pretty late. We should have picked currants already but the birds, wild and tame, beat us to them. This year the harvest was 3/4 cp of fresh green peas. Sweet as fresh corn. The peas a re a little later then they should be simply because the heat slowed them down so much but peas are peas and I am looking forward to cooking them for supper one day this week.

The chickens are still getting into the garden. I haven't been able to figure out how. If this keeps up I'm going to put a full net system over the garden beds to keep them out. This morning one of the hens was happily trampling the buckwheat and digging up one of my late sprouting summer squash. Darn chicken.

PeterC and I have also started an exercise routine using the Wii fit and balance board. It is going well and we are finding it much easier to stick to the routine with some feedback from the game system. Of course, I think the Wii hates me since it likes to tattle, to PeterC, if I skip a single day of working out. It doesn't matter if he skipped the same day, it tells him I am not working out much. Sigh, bloody technology.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you got your 1st harvest. My garden is also very late this year but that's because it only got planted in the middle of June. LOL
Glad to see you enjoying the WII, we got one a few years back and the whole family loves playing with it. I love playing tennis with my son and I enjoy the balance games and the yoga. The yoga is what brought my sore back into shape a few yrs ago and I do some poses most days. My spine really likes the stretches.

Enjoy the summer.