Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dang Chicken!

So I get an email from PeterC telling me to check the garden for damage. Huh! Damage, there is a 5 foot fence around the entire thing, why would there be damage?

Turns out we had a rogue chicken incident yesterday. One of the reds managed to get into the garden and didn't make a peep when PeterC went to shut the girls away for the night. Yesterday morning, when he went to let them back out he heard an odd noise coming from the garden. Sure enough there was a chicken, settled down nicely in the middle of my biggest cucumber plant.

I checked the garden and found that she had trampled the biggest cucumber plant, repeatedly from the looks of things; eaten half of another cucumber plant; and managed to dust bathe in the only hot peppers I had sprout this year. It is amazing the amount of damage a single hen can do to the garden when you're not watching.

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PeterC said...


You can't live with them and the eggs are pretty tasty!