Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Robin

We try to provide as much natural habitat as possible to encourage wild birds doing what wild birds do, eat and have babies. We always get to see the babies after they have fledged and have started flying around, though still being fed by mom and dad. Sometimes we get to see them in that stage just before they start flying.

This year it was a baby robin, who had obviously hopped or fallen out of his nest and was waiting patiently in the trademark Sparrow Haven hedge for mom to find and feed him. He has most of his feathers but you can tell by the wide, jokeresque, smile of his beak that he is still just a baby. He let PeterC get close enough to take a couple of good shots of him before he hopped deeper into the hedge and obvious safety.

With luck this little guy will be back in the yard next spring raising his or her own brood of chicks in the sanctuary of Sparrow Haven.


Sunshyne said...

What a cutie! Hope his Mom came back for him.

Dee said...

The next day he was on the porch railing giving that loud "feed me" chirp they have. I never actually saw mom but if he was moving around and yelling for food. I figure she was around somewhere.