Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pre-seasoned Chicken

What do you get when you mix a freshly planted herb garden with free ranging chickens? As the title of this post suggests, you get pre-seasoned chicken. Before anyone gets upset I did not kill the offending chicken. I would have had to kill them all as they were all taking turns destroying all my hard work.

It was my own fault really. I planted the herb bed without putting up a proper anti-chicken fence. That has now been remedied and the herb bed has been replanted with the left over seed I had from the first planting. Hyssop, garlic chives, onion chives, thyme, cilantro, fern leaf dill, marjoram, summer savory, winter savory, and mint have all be planted from seed. I had no rosemary, sage, or catnip seeds left so I will have to find some live plants at the nursery next time we go into town. Now if I can just keep the squirrels and chipmunks out long enough for the seeds to sprout and start to grow.

The apples trees are slowly leafing out. I am hoping the new trees will actually bloom this year but it may be another year for them. The old apple tree only blooms every two years so he will not bloom this year. So, if the new apple trees bloom it will be up to each other and the crabapple to pollinate and hopefully produce some lovely apples.

We built two new beds last weekend. The plan for these beds is to give us a place to grow grains and to extend our planting area beyond the old beds. We filled the beds with dirt yesterday in the hopes that we get buckwheat, tomatillos, and ground cherries planted today. I'm not sure if that will happen as we don't have enough posts to put fencing around them. And as I suggested in the paragraph above, that would be a stupid mistake on my part. We would have pre-seasoned and pre-stuffed chickens.

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