Monday, May 31, 2010

Just not Having Much Luck

We just haven't had much luck with the seeds this year. The tomatoes and hot peppers never sprouted at all. I have only three corn plants and they are only 3 inches tall. I have a total of three cucumber sprouts and they are looking puny. And a majority of the herbs never sprouted.

Part of the problem was old seed. Part of the problem was a late cold blast. Part of the problem is the weather which has been dry and hot recently. Part of the problem, at least with the herbs, was the chickens remorseless dirt bathing after I planted the seeds. And, I suspect part of the problem was using seeds from a supplier I had never heard of until this year.

We went to Canadian Tire Friday night where I broke down and bought tomato, cucumber, and herb plants for the garden. These plants looked particularly healthy and were fairly cheap too. I also bought some more nasturtium seed has I had stupidly not bothered to look up this "new weed" in the garden, and pulled them all up last week.

Everything has been planted now, and the garden already looks more like it should at this time of year. I replanted the corn, zucchini, watermelon, and squash since I had the extra seeds. Hopefully, the new seedings will do better than the last set and the garden will begin producing in June. If not then I think I will just give up on gardening for a couple of years. Hah! Not likely.

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