Monday, March 29, 2010

Bathroom Renovations

PeterC is off this week so we decided that it was time to renovate the bathroom. We were optimistic that we would be able to get the shower wall board and fixtures replaced in 36 hours, leaving the rest of the week to replace the vinyl floor, vanity, and paint. We bought everything we thought we needed Friday night so we could spend Saturday working.

Let me tell you, reality sucks. We stripped off the old wall board Saturday and realized we also had to replace the drywall, which meant another trip to the DIY centre. And, while trying to install the new shower fixtures we found that the fixtures were not soldered in like the last one was. No, it needed screw attachments. Luckily, we figured that out before we made the drywall run and were able to get both things in one go.

We arrived home from town and started working on the fixtures. It turns out we are actually pretty good at plumbing and was able to get the shower manifold installed in just a few hours. We got a start on the drywall, which required some bracing and finagling to be able to attach the drywall securely to the old lathe and plaster. Unfortunately, that made it almost 9pm, so we called it a day. It also meant that I had to sleep without a shower, which I have found to be nearly impossible. I itch uncontrollably if I am not showered each night. Psychosomatic, I know, but that is just the way it is.

We got up early yesterday and continued working on the drywall. We were able to get all the drywall installed and taped by 4pm, but that ended yesterday's work. And, I had to wash my hair in the kitchen sink and use a wash cloth to at least give myself a wipe down. My mom used to call that a Whore's Bath. I call it a pain in the rump.

This morning PeterC started sanding only to find that some of the thicker spots of wall goop were still wet, so we haven't been able to get anything done so far today. We do have an appointment with a glass company to come out and measure up a custom glass enclosure for the bathtub. Until now we have used a shower curtain which had to be altered to allow for the slope of the half floor roof in the bathroom. A custom fit glass enclosure will make the room much nicer and seem bigger than it really is.

This whole process has done a couple of things for us. We are much more confident in our DIY abilities and no know we can cope with anything this old house throws our way, short of falling down...knock on wood. We also have more proof that this house is much older than the 1920's that the building heritage group says it is. While fixing the plumbing we found that the upstairs studs are actually raw, round posts with the bark still mostly intact. By 1920 they had milled lumber and would not have used whole trees to frame the house. Isn't that just the coolest thing?

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