Sunday, February 07, 2010


Can you believe one of the hens has decided she is going to set a clutch of eggs? Doesn't matter that it is the middle of winter, no matter how mild it has been, it is still winter. Doesn't matter that none of the eggs she is trying to sit on is fertilized. And, apparently it doesn't phase her in the least that I take every single one of the eggs out from under her every day.

Every day I will go out to check for eggs and Queenie, of the Stinkeye Sisters, is sitting on whichever nest has the most eggs in it. I'm assuming she gets off to let the other hens lay eggs but I haven't actually seen her move. She just sits and when I open the hatch to collect eggs she puffs up, growls (who knew a chicken could growl) and gives me the royal stinkeye, along with some annoyed tuuk, tuuk, tuuking.

Otherwise, the chickens seem to be dealing with the snow on the ground. Far better than I had been led to believe by the folks who live in warmer climates. For the most part they stay under their coop and bask in the sun coming in the window we placed in front of the wire. It faces the sun so between the solid wind breaks on the East, North, and West sides and the window on the South, they stay pretty toasty under there. On sunny days with no wind I can almost always count on them being in their tractor which is the open wire cage on the left side of their run and yard.

They do love their treats. If they see me through the window of the back door they run to the gate and crowd there waiting for me to bring them something to snack on. Today they got left over buckwheat pancakes. Most days they get boiled barley, or dry cracked corn and seed mix. I can almost guarantee that they won't be as interested in me once spring and green grass gets here, but who knows.

In these two pictures you can see everyone, except Queenie. The Barred Rock, far left, is Auntie. The red girl next to her is Red. In the next picture top to bottom - right to left - we have Tag, Diana, Henny Penny, Maggie, Rosy, Princess Pea, and Wag. Start with a white and end with a white.

They each have their own personality and are very talkative to me, PeterC, Dunny, Muffit, each other, and occasionally one of them will sing like a canary, though not as sweetly, to herself as she sits in the sun. Diana likes to stand on the toe of my muck boots as I feed them, while Rosy likes to stand in the middle of the feed tray when I give them breakfast. Silly chickens but I do love them.

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