Sunday, January 17, 2010

Slow Week

This has been a very slow week here at Sparrow Haven. Winter is always slow but this week has been slower than normal. I don't know if it is the mid-winter blahs, that always seem to hit after the fourth straight week of cloud cover, or if it is the lingering effects of the head cold I had last weekend.

The only real activity has been my various hobbies in front of the television. I've carved out and finished several more sets of nalbinding needles to sell. I have finished another set of mittens, using a hybrid stitch of my own design. I have carved out several small lucets to sell once they are finished. I have carved two new baby spoons that are almost ready to put up on Etsy. Last night I worked on the nalbound lap blanket that has been gathering dust since October.

The weather has been fairly mild, hovering just around freezing day and night. The chickens appreciate the mild weather and have been giving me 9 eggs a day. Today I collected 11 eggs. That will make our customers happy as they have been asking for more eggs. PeterC came home Monday saying we had already sold 3 dozen eggs for Tuesday. It is nice to know we won't have eggs wasting but sometimes it would be nice to eat all I want without worrying about whether I have orders to fill or not.

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