Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Nalbinding Projects

With all the wet, snowy, or cold weather we've been having I've had plenty of time to finish some more nalbinding projects. I finally got PeterC to use his amazing photography skills to take some photos of the finished projects to share online.

All of the projects have been made from acrylic yarn because it is the cheapest yarn I can find at the local Wally World.

My most recently finished project was this snood. It originally was a practice piece but it turned out looking so good I thought I would share.

The snood combines the Mammen stitch with an open loop stitch. It is quite large in the back and would easily accommodate someone with much longer hair than I have.

Here are a couple of pair of mittens I finished. The purple ones are mine and the blue ones are for PeterC. I made these using the Mammen stitch. It seems to be my favourite stitch but I think that has more to do with how easy it is and the fact that it was the first stitch I learned.

These mittens are quite nice in mild winter weather. For colder or windier weather I think I will have to make a pair out of wool. Unfortunately, I have had severe reactions to wool in the past and so haven't bothered to make a wool pair yet.

I also made a couple ear warmer bands. Like the mittens they work really well in mild weather but they don't stand up to a lot of wind very well. I think a thicker stitch, like Aisle, would work much better next time.

And, finally, I have finished a button up lounge coat for PeterC. It is very long, reaching mid-thigh on him. He has been known to wear it as one of the many layers he tends to wear on the colder days, but more often than not he wears it while vegging in front of the TV at night.

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