Monday, December 07, 2009

Winter, Finally!

Winter is finally here. It's about time, too. I was beginning to think this was going to be the year that never froze.

Up until now the weather has been cool and damp, which makes it feel much colder than it really is. The ground was soft and squishy, making it hard on the boots, shoes, horses, and chickens. The only snow we got melted within a few hours, making the ground even soggier.

The weather finally turned around this weekend. The sky has been a mix of sunny and grey, but the air is cold enough that the ground has finally started to freeze. The night time temperatures have managed to drop below freezing, which is a blessing for me since I suffer from night sweats and hot flashes - UGH! I've been able to sleep under a sheet and a bedspread without waking up soaking wet for the first time in months.

The chickens don't seem to be suffering to badly from the colder weather. We're getting 7-8 eggs a day. I let the girls out to free range for a couple of hours a day and they pile up in the covered corner of their tractor run if they get to cold. The only problem they, and by extension I, are having is their waterer keeps freezing up. I'm looking into solutions, maybe something using solar water heating.

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