Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weird Weather

I'm a bit late with this weeks post due to weird weather. Well, actually I'm late because I have been taking advantage of our weird weather. With the exception of the first few days, November has been very mild this year. We've had shirt sleeve weather for the last 4 days, making it the perfect time to get some of the leftover summer chores done.

Our big task this weekend was getting the spruce cut two years ago cut into chunks and split for burning in the wood stove. While we prefer to burn hardwoods for the BTU they put out, free wood is free wood and I refuse to waste perfectly burnable wood in the fire pit. As a concession to the higher amount of creosote in the spruce we will be mixing it 3:1 hardwood to softwood, and trying to use the spruce to start the fires but use the hardwoods to keep the fire hot through the day and night.

In other news we got our first egg last Thursday. It was sitting on the ramp into the coop when I went out to feed and water the chickens. The egg was tiny, maybe the size of a toonie in length...for the non-Canadian readers that is about 1.25 inches long, or 4 cm for our European readers. Very small, either way. We haven't had another one since but I still go out and look every day. I assume the warmer weather is responsible for the early egg too, but I am not positive.

Today is Remembrance Day here and I want to send a thank you out to all the people in Canada who have served their country with honesty, honour, and pride. While I may disagree with certain conflicts and our troops participation in them, I still honour those who have chosen to serve and have served to the best of their abilities. And while we are remembering lets take a moment to remember that our animal friends have served along side humans in every conflict be it as transport, bomb sniffers, or message carriers.

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