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Origin of Dwarves

I have been writing short stories for years. Some of them have been quite good while others have left much to be desired. Over time I have lost most of the stories, since I wasn't computer literate at the time of their writing and never saved copies. Except one story. The following story was published on the Tir Na Og website, a site for people who live and love the stories of the Fae creatures, many years ago. The website is now defunct so I republish the story here for those interested in giving it a read.

A Few Words on Dwarves from Ki'taye

.....and it came to pass that those of shorter stature and thicker features, moved away from the world of the People. They were a blight in the eyes of the People, these deformed of body, and were not welcomed at the counsel or the festival of mating.

They moved into the bowels of the Mother. Made her openings, and her dark holes, their homes. Great castles were built away from the light, and away from their birth home. Castles that were as deformed and twisted as their builders, and so a further blight in the eyes of the People; the People who were strong and tall and lived within the light.

They found an abundance of gems and metals, within their Mother's womb. Gifts to them, for being driven from their birth home. So they became the workers of stone and metals. Crafting fine weapons of war, and of peace, from these things. Jewelry that was never seen before and weapons that could not be destroyed by fire, nor by conscious strike.

Once more they were welcomed into the light, but only at trade fairs, and never in the homes that they had been born to. They became bitter and twisted of soul as well as of body. Their natures became dark and secretive. Greed was rewarded, but those born with gentle spirits were cast out and succumbed to the world outside...or so it was assumed.

A few of these outcasts tried to return to their ancestors home, but were looked upon with anger and distrust. None of the People took pity on them, as it was not a trait they possessed, and so they were forced to move on.

In their loneliness and preoccupation with survival, they crossed over to the other side. The world of humans; creatures who dwelled in their own fear and filth. Scavengers of the worst kind, for they would eat their own. These gentle ones were not able to return of their own attempts, so in ones and, sometimes twos, these gentle ones came to live with man.

The men accepted them but only slowly, for men were superstitious and afraid of their own shadows. The gentle ones, those we know of as dwarves, had within them the life spark of the People and so they lived for centuries. They lived outside of the dwellings of men and so became a normal feature of the land, as men, with their short lives, died and their children with them.

Each generation of men thinned the memory of the gentle ones' coming. Soon it was believed that they had always been there, though some of the stories told of their coming, but the young ones all knew that these were just stories told by their Mothers to frighten them.

As men grew to social maturity, or at least crawled up out of their own filth, the gentle ones moved closer, became part of the community of man. They taught the men metal smithing, but retained the magick for themselves; fearing that men would use it as their own ancestors had...for greed and angry retaliation.

They taught the women healing, and gave them hints of more to be had with the spiritual growth of man on the whole. Small magicks were passed on to those who would use them properly, the wise women of the community. The magicks of healing, and birthing, and the softer magicks of Mothers.

Those gentle ones mated within their own kind and their children as well, but soon they had become such a part of the community of Man, that by the third generation the children were mating with the humans. The older ones feared this would cause problems as the dwarf children would outlive their mates, but this was not noticed for many years.

The first to notice it were the dwarves themselves, for the line of man began living longer lives. The children of these matings were born with some innate magicks, though few learned to use them. The First gentle ones knew that their time here was through and so they retreated back to the bowels of the Mother. They became the dwarves of the Humans legends, the wielders of magick and the maker of fine metals.

It was forgotten that once, Man and Dwarf lived in the same community and worked together. The halfbreeds forgot that they were once of the line of Dwarf, for they did not believe their Mother's tales. Man retained the knowledge of metal smithing, and some few of the halfbreeds and their children became metal smiths; for they were drawn by their inner magick to work the metals. Thus some magick was returned to the craft of metal smithing.

From that line we have the jewelry makers, the metal smiths, the farriers, the engineers, the craft people, the farmers of the earth, and of course the throwbacks such as myself.

I am of the line of Dwarves, have known so for many years, but only I seem to know it within my family. My history has been lost, but I do know that my Grandmother was a throwback too, and she was an artisan....I wonder if she ever realized what she was?


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