Saturday, November 14, 2009


Eggs, eggs, eggs! We have gotten another five eggs this week. Three yesterday and two Thursday. They are almost twice as big as the first one but still very small when compared to the store bought eggs. The colours are nice too. So far we have brown, buff, pink, and a lavender coloured egg.

We cracked open the first egg and found the yolk a deep yellow orange, which is a good sign that our hens are eating a good diet of grass, bugs, and feed. The shell was very thick, almost twice as thick as the store bought egg shells. Another sign of a healthy diet and a happy hen.

I got so excited by the first egg last week that I dropped everything to nalbind an egg collection basket. I used a really bulky polyester yarn and was delighted to find that the basket is stiff enough to stand all by itself. It isn't very big, but then again neither are the eggs we are getting.

I know it seems silly to be all excited over eggs, especially when this is the purpose for getting the chickens, but I really wasn't expecting eggs until March when the weather started warming. I don't know if it is the mild November, the extra 3 hrs of light we give the chickens, or if they are just happy to lay eggs. Either way, we will be eating a lot of eggs soon.


Anonymous said...

Egg-cellent guys. That's from my punny son.
I'm just as excited when I read about your eggs.

(: L.& D. said...

That is wonderful! Your eggs are absolutely beautiful - and I LOVE the egg basket you made! Very, very pretty. You are SO talented!

Anonymous said...

That's great, guys!
Very happy for you.