Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Cool! Moment

PeterC and I were walking the dogs and decided to sit on the end of the neighbourhood wharf to look at the sky. We do that a lot, look at the sky. If we are outside and it is even remotely dark one or both of us is looking up. Anyway, I asked him to point our Cygnus, the constellation, to me as we had just been talking about it early in the evening. He points it out and then points out another group of stars. I follow where he is pointing and he asks, do you see that blob near the end of the line?

It takes a minute but yeah, if I don't look directly at it I can see what looks like a cluster of stars. They are a faint blob with brighter dots throughout. Once I confirm that yes I can see it and verify exactly what he is showing me he announces "Congratulations you've just seen the Andromeda Galaxy." Not only did I seen another galaxy but I saw it with my naked eye. How cool is that?

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