Sunday, August 30, 2009

Man vs. Nature

There is something magical about sitting in your backyard and watching wildlife go about its business. I don't just mean the birds and insects, either. I mean all wildlife be it scaled, feathered, or furred.

To often I hear people, usually living in 3000 sq. ft. homes in the mountains, complaining about their peace and quiet being shattered by a wandering bear or coyote. I always ask myself, and sometimes not so quietly, where exactly do these people think the animals lived BEFORE they, the humans, decided they absolutely had to have a huge piece of land in the "country". Where exactly do these people think the animals are going to go after, what has been their territory for generations, a house is built across their migration path or the best berry patch in the region.

Then of course there are those living in the suburbs of cities across Canada who complain when Fluffy the cat is eaten by a coyote, or Yappy, the lap dog is taken by an owl. You have to wonder exactly what these people are thinking, especially when they cry and whine to the city officials to eliminate the pests before one of the kids, or outside pets, get hurt. The obvious answer is, of course, to stop thinking they have some kind of God given right to do what they want. Keep the pets indoors unless you are outside watching them. Teach the kids to recognize and avoid wildlife. And, of course, stop leaving things for wildlife to eat out in your garbage cans and yards over night.

Animals do what animals do, especially when their homes are being paved over and built upon. They adapt, they eat, they breed, and they roam. Maybe I'm just weird but I think being able to co-exist with wildlife is a virtue, not a curse.

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