Friday, July 17, 2009

Statute Cap

I completed another nalbinding project quite some time ago and finally got around to taking pictures of the finished hat.

This was done with the York stitch, as learned from a video on Youtube. I based the pattern off a knit hat shown on the BBC show "Tales from the Green Valley". Unfortunately, I made to many additions to the brim and ended up with something that looks more like a maids cap. The hat is done with 100% cotton and has taken on a partially felted look after it was washed.

Now the really cool thing is the way I did the stitch created a very solid looking material on the outside but these really neat looking ribs on the inside. I was afraid it would make the hat uncomfortable to wear but it is really comfortable. It is also very warm. I think the extra thickness of the ribs allows the solid outside layer to trap heat.

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